ef – a tale of melodies – 08


I just want to say that this season has been full of drama, and ALL sorts of information that I almost didn’t want to know about characters we knew from the first season. My only hope is that the end will bring it all together and be epic and awesome like the first season.

Shaft has been doing a great job with this show, their style is still far too crazy for my normal tastes. But it’s the little things they do with this show that actually adds to it. And I find that I truly believe no other studio could have made it so enjoyable to watch.


The reason why I finally felt like posting something about the show. is simply because of episode 8’s OP. With how last episode went and the first scene of this episode we know things are going to be different and Shaft goes that extra step and actually flips the OP upside down this episode. And this isn’t the first time they’ve done this with ef’s OPs. Earlier this season we’ve seen them run the animation without any characters in it and with the karaoke of the song. Last season we saw them use two different languages and changed the animations for the characters as they broke free of their chains.


Kuze, has survived to live another day. His mask theme is fitting, but still a bit creepy at times. He has been spending a lot of time despairing over his imminent death. And Mizuki has really gotten under his skin. I thankfully haven’t spoiled myself as to how things end, and while I expect a happy ending for him I have to say I wouldn’t be surprised if his happy ending will include his death.

ef7He wishes he was Gendo.

Kuze also got a great sucker punch in at Yu this episode, calling him on how he doesn’t let things go, and that he’ll never be able to see Yuuko again. But I swear if this show doesn’t end with those two seeing each other, or something, I’m going to start spamming for a Season 3.


The rest of the episode features Yu and Yuuko, running away and making it on their own as two, just out of school, teenagers. And overall it’s got a happier tone to it than the last few episodes. There’s a fair amount of relationship building and teasing that goes on, but that’s all thanks to Yuuko. Knowing that things wouldn’t work out made the next blow easier to deal with.


Amamiya Sensei showed up, if there’s one thing he’s good at it’s knowing his sister. Knowing that she needs the support. And knowing just what to say to send Yu into a spiral of self doubt. It’s annoying watching him win so easily, but got to admit, he knows his shit as an evil bastard.

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