Megaten Closed Beta Participants Selected


I found this gem in my junkmail, stupid yahoo mail. I’m thinking either no one else tried for it, or my luck is ever so slowly increasing. In either case, I’ll be trying this thing out while I still feel special for getting accepted and hope that it doesn’t become a Flyff on me.

ALSO from the looks of it the beta signups are still being accepted. And if I got in anyone should find no problem in doing so.

Though be prepared, the download for the installer is 1.3GB, then the actual install is like 3.2GB.

I’ve only completed the two sets of tutorial levels so far and have just started Act 1.  I have a feeling that there is going to be a strong case of everyone looks the same, for at least the first part of the game. More thoughts to come after I actually finish a real quest I think.

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