ALI PROJECT Supports Sora Kake Girl


I’m usually so much more on top of these types of things. OK that’s a lie. But still, after making an entrance by making the show’s project title sound like one of my favorite movies was enough to catch my attention. Sora Kake Girl, previously known as “Sora o Kakeru Shōjo” which translated to “The Girl Who Leapt Through Space” has some real information behind it now.

The biggest, in my opinion, is of course that ALI PROJECT is providing the OP. I love their music, first noticed this fact back in .hack//Roots, then flourished in Rozen Maiden and Code Geass. Anyways, there is more to the news than just who’s providing the OP.

We have Aya Endo, who just gave us a wonderful performance as Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier, will be voicing Itsuki Kannagi.

Mako (II), she doesn’t have a long list of roles, but she was Yurie Hitotsubashi from Kamichu! and that’s more than enough for me to already love her, she’ll be voicing Akiha Shishidō

The last of the trio, Yui Makino, who I believe would be best known as Sakura from Tsubasa (not CCS though), will be voicing Honoka Kawai

And of course, the three of them will also be performing the ED song. I wonder if they’ll dance…..? OH also Minmay defense, I mean common, you have Sheryl Nome’s VA, in space, it would be a crime if they didn’t play that up.

One thing I can’t find about the show is when it’s to start, I would currently think that it’ll start Spring of 09 when Kuro Kami (Black God) ends (if it ends, no episode count yet), but can’t find anything that can actually support that.

PS. Why isn’t this anime on MAL yet?

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