Megaten, Not Looking Good.

I knew it was a Free to Play game, so I wasn’t expecting anything like WoW. I wasn’t even expecting City of Heroes. But I was expecting it to be able to stand up against FlyFF, and with a name like SMT behind it I thought it would have it in the bag. Sadly I thought wrong.

The game is pretty boring, and not that interesting to look at. The music is ok, but if that’s the only thing that I can think of that didn’t disappoint or annoy me something is wrong. The real killer for me, on this game, was having to constantly hit a button to attack. One of the reason’s I hated flying in FlyFF was much the same reason, where the rest of the game you could set up combos and do all sorts of other stuff to ease the strain when you took flight you had to hit that attack button constantly (unless you went onto the forums where you could find an auto fire method but it SUCKED.)

But this game somehow surpassed FlyFF for annoying combat. What I mean is spells, skills, whatever, all have a charge time. So you have to get within range of the monster. Activate your cast time. and then hit the button AGAIN to attack and if in this time the monster moved out of range you’ll have to chase it down again. Even trying to pull off a basic combo you have to be constantly pressing the attack button.  It’s just too much for me. If it was a Hack and Slash or even like .hack it would be fine, but this is still very much a turn based (read SLOW) attack system.

While I am being harsh on the combat, there is one thing that I did like the idea of, I don’t think it was fully realized, not in my experience at least. They had a whole block and parry system, which is something that I liked the idea. But it ended up feeling a LOT like rock paper scissors…. but the monster your fighting will always be only one of them. Leaving again a lot of pressing the same button over and over again.

The game itself suffers from looking VERY grey. The characters have a severe lack of options for design. And while there are familiar monsters from the SMT universe, I have more fun killing them in the real RPGs I have for the PS2.

It was an idea that I thought might have been fun, but with so many other AAA games, that are actually fun to play, I’m going to have to give up on this one.

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