Quest for Comments

Quest for Comments

My site has been around for a decent number of months now(3.5). After being turned down by AnimeNano I more or less gave up on the idea of adding my site to an aggregator of some kind. And as I’ve said before I hate going, “Check out my awesome site.” So the only pull I’ve gotten is random searches, wordpress(tags and such), and the people who actually click my user name when I comment somewhere.

But even without me going around asking for people to check this site out, there comes the occasional visitor, and I’ve even seen people search for me/my site. And this makes me feel pretty good about how things are going.

The slightly disheartening part though is just the lack of comments. For a while there it was decent, every couple posts I’d get a random comment, or someone would check the site out for the first time and comment on a thread or two. But recently I’ve just been getting spam, or generic “I like your blog” comments(which I have a sneaky suspicion are also spam).

So what I’m asking you, the reader, “what am I doing wrong that seems to scare away possible commenters?”

One Response to Quest for Comments

  1. bluestreak2 says:

    Wouldn’t you know it, I put this up on the front page for about a week and it doesn’t get a single comment.

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