Currently on Vacation.

So there has been a lack a real posts recently. I meant to warn about that earlier, but I forgot to actually write it out, and then I was already caught up in college finals,  Gears of War 2, Fallout3(yep still playing and LOVING this game) and then to completely ruin my life Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts Re:COM come out.

I plan to write up some stuff on the Kino movies and the Seto no Hanayome OVA that came out, but it may take some time before I actually have them out. I’m hoping for tomorrow, Friday at the latest. And as you should have noticed the snow pictures haven’t slowed down, and there are still more to come.


I never actually got around to finishing up those posts, somehow what I thought would be the time to do it turned into getting ready to travel for the holidays. I’ll be back and posting, hopefully by the 28th, if I can’t squeeze something out while in Cali.

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