OVA: Zero no Tsukaima – Princess no Rondo – 06.5


Somehow I didn’t even notice that this was coming out till sometime last week and here it is already. I also never expected I would be starting out the new year of anime blogging with a show I don’t actually care about anymore.  So, why would I have watched it if I didn’t care…. Fanservice.

Just like Nodame before it, this ova is an extra episode that takes the cast off to the beach for some fun in the sun. Thankfully unlike Nodame this show is ALL about the boobs, even in the show, so you can expect a good amount of fanservice.


Something is HORRIBLY wrong with these pictures… I think it might be the lack of swimsuits.

ova5Saito agrees, the lack of swimsuits on girls at the beach is devistating. But I love how he goes about showing what a swimsuit is supposed to look like on a girl.


It should be expected for the princess to show up, she somehow finds herself involved with the going ons at this school far more than you would ever expect. With this the cast of female mains has arrived, sadly, Jessica and Irukukwu weren’t invited for the fun. But what I find most noticeable about the whole situation is how the Dumbledore of the school is also here in an outfit that really doesn’t suit him. He also brought all the girls a treat. ^_^


Leave it to the old pervert of the show to have a collection of our world’s swimsuits, a collection large enough for every girl in the school to have two, with a small “special collection” for later. On a side note, we’ve been seeing the filler students a couple of times this episode, it’s actually pretty weird to see that the school has more than just 15 students.


Can she even fit into that thing?


Exactly as planned.


And round one goes to Tabitha, no contest. So now, appease the water spirit by splashing each other with the water.


Tabitha still wins, hands down. But what is up with the guys watching all of this happen from the beach. Why aren’t they out where the action is?


Round Two, the bikini sequel. And now that we have you like this, it is time for some watermelon breaking.


After watching this I youtubed, to try and find out if girls really throw their butt up like this when attacking watermelon. Sadly I could only find videos of guys…


Next up is the Volleyball contest, sadly it’s pretty hard to find any good single frame shots for this, either the entire screen is zoomed in on the boobs that are bouncing around or it’s zoomed WAY out.


And of course, the winners are the teams with the larger boobs. That’s why they had to put Tabitha and Louise on opposite teams so that they could have a fighting chance.


In case you were forgetting that this was a fanservice episode.


Dumbledore shows off his personal collection to the males of the show that have names, the shell ones are the “special” ones that they’ll be getting the girls to wear the next day. But it totally looks like a panty raid to me.  Sadly, like everything in this show, the guys can only ever get half way before the girls figure things out and feel the need to punish them for being perverted.


Somewhere along the way the rest of the school disappeared… hopefully nothing horrible happened to them like getting taken away by a giant tentacle monster or something.


Wrong on so many levels… but are they trying to tell us something by giving all the guys shells except for Saito?


I bet she liked it. ^_^


If only someone had told them that females are powerless against tentacle monsters.


That tentacle monster sure knows how to put on a show.


I’m actually REALLY glad they didn’t pan down on any of the guys right now.


“No one gets to make these girls moan, except me!”


And the day has been saved once more by Saito, too bad he’ll never get anywhere in that dead end relationship he’s trapped himself in.


I thought this was great. They’ve never had Takoyaki before in this world and yet he is able to instantly get a specialized pan for them. It also reminded me that my friend got me one of those kits to make this stuff but I have yet to ever actually get the ingredients to do so.


And to finish the ep off, just a tad bit more fanservice, this time showing off the “special” outfits. Fanservice episodes sure are a blast.

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