Franken Fran, Disturbing to Say the Least.


Ever feel like your manga isn’t graphic enough when it comes to guts and blood? Do you enjoy the “Bad End” stories? Did you know that it was Dr Frankenstein and that the big green guy with the bolts is actually called Frankenstein’s Monster? (Always one of those little things that annoyed me.)   Anyways, have I got the manga for you.

(WARNING, pictures past the break may include things people could find disturbing!)


The page above was what brought me to this manga. A friend found it on an image board and emailed it to me, after a bit of research I eventually found the name of the manga and even quicker a scanlation for it. Then I made a HUGE mistake, I started reading.

Each chapter is it’s own self contained story, more often than not, of Fran Madaraki. The (created) daughter of the worlds greatest professor/doctor, and it is her duty to continue his research and experiments on bettering humanity while he is away. She usually accomplishes this task by saving people who are about to die….. but at what cost?


Even though not everything works out as Fran would have liked things to, she always seems to have the best intentions in mind. She’s also a complete sucker for a love story, in fact any of those human emotions simply fascinate her. And some of the situations she’ll find herself in, at times, are comedy gold even if they are gut wrenching.

Let me warn you; these stories are weird, disturbing, and should never be read by anyone… So here’s a link where you can go read it right now. Why the telling you to read it right after saying it should never be read?  Well the simple answer to that one is simply sometimes doing something that’s wrong, feels so right.


This is a manga I am sure any one who reads will never be able to forget. It’s so completely different from anything I have seen before that there really isn’t much you can compare it to. This manga has changed my life, I now go to bed every night praying that I never meet the mangaka with a mind so disturbed as to be able to create these kinds of visions.

Finally, as a random poster on a forum said, “A Franken Fran chapter with a good end is not a Franken Fran chapter at all.”

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