Windows 7 Beta …. GET!


So, Microsoft said earlier that they would be releasing the latest Windows 7 Beta to the public back on Friday, for free, to the first 2.5Million users who downloaded it. Sadly due to the storm of people trying to get it, their site got thrashed and it took until late that night, early this morning for them to finally let us start downloading the thing. You can find the button to start your download here.  I recommend that you use IE for this btw, I could NOT get Firefox to start the download.

There is also more good news, thanks to the incredible amount of traffic they were getting before actually releasing they have now said that they’ll be leaving this download up till January 24th, and have removed the 2.5million download limit. So if you have a machine running vista right now and want to try out this W7 beta, now is the perfect time to do so. I know I’ll be having fun with this thing till August, when the beta expires.

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