Kurokami 01: A Shana Clone?

This might just be me, but by the time I made it to the OP, I couldn’t help but think that this show was ripping off Shakugan no Shana. And this goes farther than just the main girl having red hair.


Evidence one: Intro starts with male lead, Ibuki, having a monologue while dying.


Evidence two: Said red headed girl, Kuro, (while not exactly fire) she seems to have a punch that exudes red light/electricity? Much like Shana, she is a Mototsumitama, not yet explained what exactly that is, but at the very least she isn’t human and that’s enough for me. ALSO, she totally has an Alastor, even if his name here is Punipuni (Evidence three).


Evidence four: in this version instead of Flames, I guess we have Doppeliners or as we would know them Doppelgangers, including oneself there are three people in the world who look the same. Oh and you’ll die if you see yours. And the reason they exist is for the balance of Tera (kinda like how Flames exist to fill a void…. or something).


The fight that happened this episode was also pretty epic.  I also love her serious face.


This show sets up a good number of mysteries, that we can expect most of them to be answered before the show is over. And they set them up without feeling forced like Index did in ep 6.

Throughout the entire episode I kept remembering that I was reacting VERY much the same way as I did for Index…… wait a second, this show is a lot like To Aru Majutsu no Index as well. Both have a crazy obsession over the word “luck.”  They also both have the random girl who meets the guy by chance, the guy feeds them, and she brings him into her world (is it a trope? I should look around for that later). And I’m sure there could be more in the following episodes.


The animation looks great, music feels good, the action scenes are pretty epic, fanservice, and the show looks exciting/worth watching. I loved Shana, and I loved the start of Index up until the incredibly slow pacing and trolling took it’s toll. But I’m willing to give this show a shot. I just hope that we don’t run into too many more doppeliners(sad stuff).

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