The Blogging Equation


Every now and then I switch from watching insane amounts of anime to spending my time playing video games. This has been one of those times. I recently rediscovered my PSP, then proceeded to play and beat the God of War game for it and am now working on the Star Ocean remake. This is on top of the 360 which I’ve been spending plenty of time playing Fallout3(WOOOOOOooo DLC comes out tomorrow), Mirror’s Edge(DLC this Thursday), and a little Gears of War 2(YAY PATCH)/ Halo3 multiplayer. Mixed in with work and school I find that I am only leaving a small amount of time for anime and even less for writing on a blog that has a good # of hits per day but no comments (it’s really weird).

There has been one piece of news that truly made me go WTF, Detective Conan vs Lupin the Third. I’ve watched my fair share of Conan, and not anywhere near as much Lupin, but the idea of the two facing off is GOLDEN.

I’ve been enjoying watching as Crunchy Roll, or at least Shinji, is attacked across the Internet.

My favorite anime blog is still on hiatus, come back to us Jason!

The live action Avatar movie is now DEAD to me. I think the animated show is easily the best thing to come out of Nickalodeon since Invader Zim. But everything I hear about the movie is making it plain and clear that it’s going to be nothing like it should be. It might still be better than Dragonball Evolution though.

Some have said that the winter season has been a huge disappointment. I’ve really only been disappointed by one show so far, Akikan and that was with low expectations to start with (though I haven’t heard anything good about White Album and have yet to actually watch it to find out for myself). Otherwise I think it’s a pretty decent season, especially for winter and I plan to have a real post on it put up later this week if Fallout3 can let me get away long enough.

I’ve also been watching Doctor Who for the first time when I discovered that Netflix had the episodes on Instant about 3 weeks ago. Currently in the 2nd season and for the most part it’s a fun show, though I still have no idea why half my friends swear that it’s the best show ever created by man.  This definitely isn’t helping with my time to watch anime though.

Anyways, I’m going to go back to trying to have at least two posts on this site per week, should be possible. Eventually I’ll swing back to watching crazy amounts of anime and will want to say something about what I watch. That’s when this blog should get back to the daily posts that I had going for a surprisingly long while. Until then I’ll just be watching currently airing shows and may randomly have to say something about them (Like my fear that Clannad AS is looking ever more likely to have a KEY end).

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