PV’s That Need More Love

My poor blog has seen better days, but I’m just having a hard time finding the time to write for it like I was and it’s only going to get worse (especially starting next week).

Anyways, I went around and picked some of my favorite PV’s off youtube and made it into a post. I only grabbed one vid per Artist and Anime. I also had to make sacrifices when all I could find on youtube was crap quality.

Gundam 00
Song – Ash Like Snow
Artist – The Brilliant Green

Favorite PV EVER, might have something to do with the Haro.

Strawberry Panic
Song – Himitsu Dolls
Artists – Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu

I find this one funny cause they actually used the PV for the ED.

D-Gray Man
Song – Brightdown
Artist – Tamaki Nami

It’s like she’s dancing in fire.

Song – *
Artist – Orange Range

I think this was the first PV I ever actually looked for.

Ga-Rei Zero
Song – Paradise Lost
Artist – Minori Chihara

I loved the anime and the PV doesn’t disappoint.

Tower of Druaga -Aegis of URUK
Song – Swinging
Artist – Muramasa

The anime OP is possibly my favorite OP EVER, and the PV is still fun, but nothing can top that.

I plan to grow the list out a bit tomorrow, but right now I really need sleep.

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