My thoughts on Anime Expo: Part2 (Announcments)

July 13, 2009


Now I’ve never been to E3 or the TGS, but I follow them and others like it every year. Waiting for those few game announcements that can actually put me on the edge of my seat in excitement. The rest of my time is spent looking at the new information, videos and screenshots of games that I already know about but still aren’t out. Sometimes, incases of Fallout3, the initial announcements pass me by without any desire to know more, and then half a year later I see a developer walkthrough and realize that the game is going to be EPIC.

This is something that I can’t do at Anime Expo, or any other anime convention.  I mean there are a lot of announcements every year about all the new shows, manga, and more that are licensed for release state side. But I’ve already watched any of the shows that I care about. Really the closest thing I can call exciting news that I found at this years Anime Expo was that there is a company called MangaGamer and they’ll be releasing the Shuffle! and Higurashi VNs.


MangaGamer is a company based in Europe(can’t remember where), and they provide translated Japanese visual novels for download. The digital games are still on the pricey side, but that’s reasonably understandable considering how small of audience it pulls with western gamers, and how expensive the games originally are in japan. But what really sets them apart from the deceased Hirameki International Group, Inc. is localization of games like Da Capo and Shuffle! AKA Eroge.

I just didn’t see them coming at all. But in my opinion MangaGamer owned this show, no other announcement was able to knock me off my feet like this one. They even had multiple industry guests from Circus and OVERDRIVE. A booth offering all sorts of 18+ goodies. And did I mention that they are bringing over both Shuffle! and Higurashi?

Other than that, I really can’t think of any exciting news. I mean sure there were plenty of new titles coming over, but nothing can top MangaGamer’s news.

For a more complete post on how awesome MangaGamer was at AnimeExpo09 check this blog post out.  Shuffle! already has a date set for August 15th with Higurashi PT1 planned for Sep.

My thoughts on Anime Expo: Part1 (Backstory)

July 8, 2009


So, while I sit here dusting my older figures to help keep them all looking about the same, I figure I might as well type something out about what I thought of Anime Expo 09. How can I dust and type at the same time? I guess this dusting project will just take that much longer.

Anyways, Anime Expo has always been “the” anime convention in my eyes. End of my Sophomore year of high school, I had a booming anime club under my belt, a little over a year of trying to watch as much as I could. And I set my eyes on going to Anime Expo, Anahaim, and it was one of the most magical events I can remember. From walking the exhibit hall and ogling the DVDs, Manga, Figures, and everything else a fan could ever want. To spending hours in the viewing rooms, and panels. I came back a stronger fan than I left.

Since then I have been to a number of different conventions, local cons, further away ones like Texas and even all the way up to New Jersey, I’ve tried many shapes and sizes. But I haven’t yet found one that could rival Anime Expo (A-kon being the closest I’ve been to). All this changed when they went to LA however, my wonderful Anime Expo had changed, and I thought I’d never be able to go back.


Well, turns out I did go back, and I’m glad I did. The convention itself has changed, though not as much as I had feared. The experience was no longer Anime Expo, it had lost that magic something which made it special.  But even without the magic, I had an amazing time. Watching hours and hours of anime that I still hadn’t seen. Browsing the exhibit hall ogling the half naked figures I could barely afford. Hearing announcements that I never expected to hear, and truly getting excited over them. The atmosphere from everyone getting together with similar interests, and just the ability to call out to a random Moko, Kyoko, or Yoko and then taking their picture. It’s something that only exists within a convention, and that is something that Anime Expo has definitely not lost.

*Just want to note that the pictures I’m uploading on Anime Expo I took myself, but it was with my new Palm Pre, a phone I have had just over a week now and half the con I was still figuring out the best way to take photos with the thing.*

Warning! Update Ahead.

July 6, 2009


I went to Anime Expo over July 4th weekend, and I really want to post about that experience. Also thinking of posting some of my photos, and possibly even about what I bought while I was there.

I’ve also been wanting to post about some of the shows I’ve been watching, same with a few videogames.

But today I’ll keep it simple and just tell any readers out there to keep an eye out sort of thing, I probably won’t have anything up tomorrow, but Wed should be a good day for my first Anime Expo post.

PS. I really can’t fathom why there are more hits per day on this blog after months of nothing, than when I was actively writing.