My thoughts on Anime Expo: Part1 (Backstory)


So, while I sit here dusting my older figures to help keep them all looking about the same, I figure I might as well type something out about what I thought of Anime Expo 09. How can I dust and type at the same time? I guess this dusting project will just take that much longer.

Anyways, Anime Expo has always been “the” anime convention in my eyes. End of my Sophomore year of high school, I had a booming anime club under my belt, a little over a year of trying to watch as much as I could. And I set my eyes on going to Anime Expo, Anahaim, and it was one of the most magical events I can remember. From walking the exhibit hall and ogling the DVDs, Manga, Figures, and everything else a fan could ever want. To spending hours in the viewing rooms, and panels. I came back a stronger fan than I left.

Since then I have been to a number of different conventions, local cons, further away ones like Texas and even all the way up to New Jersey, I’ve tried many shapes and sizes. But I haven’t yet found one that could rival Anime Expo (A-kon being the closest I’ve been to). All this changed when they went to LA however, my wonderful Anime Expo had changed, and I thought I’d never be able to go back.


Well, turns out I did go back, and I’m glad I did. The convention itself has changed, though not as much as I had feared. The experience was no longer Anime Expo, it had lost that magic something which made it special.  But even without the magic, I had an amazing time. Watching hours and hours of anime that I still hadn’t seen. Browsing the exhibit hall ogling the half naked figures I could barely afford. Hearing announcements that I never expected to hear, and truly getting excited over them. The atmosphere from everyone getting together with similar interests, and just the ability to call out to a random Moko, Kyoko, or Yoko and then taking their picture. It’s something that only exists within a convention, and that is something that Anime Expo has definitely not lost.

*Just want to note that the pictures I’m uploading on Anime Expo I took myself, but it was with my new Palm Pre, a phone I have had just over a week now and half the con I was still figuring out the best way to take photos with the thing.*

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