Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy


The 3DS hasn’t had the strongest line up, all three games I had bought for it in the last year were ports of older games. With my July turning into a lot of traveling, including my first trip to Otakon, I decided I needed a new 3DS game, and Kingdom Hearts 3Ds wouldn’t be out in time.  So I talked myself into the Final Fantasy Rhythm game. I was very hesitant going in since I completely suck at games like Rhythm Heaven DS and Elite Beats.

At the 7 hour mark I realized this may be the best FF game they’ve released in the last decade. And the funny thing is it has nothing to do with story, or visuals. This game is just amazing music, the best from 25 years of games with fantastic music.

The Rhythm game is fun and the perfect amount of challenge for me. It isn’t afraid to have you replay songs to get better at them and I want to replay the songs, not only because I love them, but each time is another chance to improve my aggregate score, collect all kinds of items, unlock more songs, modes and even characters, level up my party of final fantasy heroes who learn skills that can slightly change the experience and so much more. You can even replay songs with nothing equipped increasing difficulty, but increasing the chance to get more collectables and a boosted score. They have found a way to make me love grinding. Even after beating the game I’m no where near done. I’ve now clocked 20 hours and still going strong.


I will probably talk myself into buying a few of the dlc songs, FFVI songs are some of my all time favorite. But I really hope square realizes the prices are a bit much and eventually release a cheaper bundle.

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