The Haruhi Post of 2014


Sometimes you just have to accept that a show you love won’t come back. But you can still get excited when it pops back into the limelight with a flurry of recent news and events.

There is a pretty great blog post over here, which goes into detail on why we shouldn’t get our hopes up for more Haruhi Suzumiya. To summarize, anime like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya exist to advertise the books. This is only worth it to the publisher however if there is a future for the series, which at the current point has ended with The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya(2011). The author, Nagaru Tanigawa, has gone on hiatus since this book’s release, citing a writer’s block. With no new books coming out, the publishers have no reason to fund a new season of the anime. 



To complicate things, Kyoto Animation, the studio behind the anime, have largely moved away from working with other people’s properties and have been working on their own now. The friends and contacts between the studio and publisher have moved on or changed jobs in this stretch of time. The situation has changed since 2006 when Haruhi became a phenomenon around the world and it is now in question if they would even want to work on season 3. 



But then August 2014 happens. Over the last two months there was a large advertisement campaign called “Haruhi Hunting” that took place in Japan. During this event 707 frames of a music video staring the SoS-brigade were sent out all over Japan for fans to collect. They were found in magazines, on billboards, online. All collected by fans and uploaded to

This has created a large amount of hype in the Haruhi community. What could be in the works that they would produce such an advertisement event? Theories so far have included the very unlikely season 3 that many of us continue to dream of. Others have given the much more likely pachinko machines that were announced earlier this year. The fact that the advertisement around the Haruhi Fever pachinko machine features the same music video that was created during the Haruhi Hunt is another likely link. 

The part that doesn’t make sense however, for the pachinko tie in, is the 708th frame shown at the end of the music video. The event is still going, and now talking about recovering Haruhi’s lost memories. This last part also features a live action Yuki picking up the last frame and carrying it out. There is still more to be announced concerning the Haruhi Hunt, but all we can really do is wait to find out what it is. 

And that wait may not be long, the final popular theory behind all this publicity is to drum up excitement for The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. This is supported by the 708 frame scene featuring Yuki, as well as the idea that they have to recover Haruhi’s memories. I haven’t read the original Yuki-chan stories myself, so I’m just taking other people’s word for this one. Reports say this announcement is coming September 4th.

Another possibly related news topic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is getting a new Blu-Ray release in Japan on Aug 29th. This will feature the 14-episode run in broadcast order, a soundtrack CD, new Kyoto Animation cover art and new video remastering work for 22,680yen.

Haruhi Jump

Those of us in the US aren’t necessarily being left out of the Blu-Ray fun this time around however. Funimation announced at Otakon earlier this month that they now have the distribution rights of the two seasons of Haruhi anime. No planned release dates were announced though. Hopefully this will turn out better than their announcement of having the rights to Railgun(2010-07-02), which they did release a few years later(2013-04-16), well after the initial announcement and planned 2011 release. (Still waiting on the Railgun BD release though, let us hope the announcement that it’ll come Winter of 2014 is true.)

There has been a surprising amount of news this last month in regards to Haruhi Suzumiya. I’m excited to see what becomes of this Haruhi Hunt and can’t wait to get my hands on an affordable copy of the Blu Rays that Funimation should be bringing us sometime in the future. In the mean time, praise Haruhi and hope that she is never too bored. 

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