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About this Blog: Well, the short of the story is that I was writing out these long essays and emailing to my friends about what I thought about anime, and to stop bugging them about every show I thought a Blog could work.

Going into more detail, I started it out on LJ, in late 2006, the LJ I had set up so that I could stay updated on club activities at a local College. And since it was a site that was set up to post things I thought it could work as a blog. And I used that for almost two years. Though I must admit that the total # of posts I made to the thing during the two years is close to 30. The site was poorly designed for what I intended, and I only really had one reader that I knew of so little inspiration to keep it going. If I posted twice in one month it was a good month. In 2007 I started playing around with the idea of trying to get a spot at animeblogger.net, but with the poor history up till that point and the fact that I would soon be unable to post (or even watch anime) for half a year, I felt it in bad taste to ask for one at the time.

A year later in 2008, August I somehow have 4 posts on my LJ, and the inspiration to find a real blogging site is reignited. Animeblogger.net isn’t taking new apps so I look elsewhere. I notice that a couple of the anime blogs I’ve read are on wordpress. I check out the features and am simply amazed at what could be. During the last week of August I set up this wordpress as a test run and immediately realized this was everything I was missing.   I kinda wish I had set the name as ttco.wordpress.com or something instead of my alias Bluestreak2, maybe I’ll change it down the road, other then that I simply love this new site.

Currently also playing around with the idea of having more then one writer for the thing. We’ll see if that ever actually happens.

The actual name “That There Crazy Otaku”, I’m not exactly sure the exact origin. I think it was a play on the acronym T.A.C.O. I DO know however that I was using it long before I created my LJ.

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