About Bluestreak2

I am an Otaku. Easily the strongest believer of enjoying what I enjoy in my group of friends. Started most of it off with the crazy idea of starting an Anime Club in my High school, somehow it’s still alive even after I left while every incarnation of an AC before mine died miserably. I tend to be the supplier or the one who recommends what to watch for most of the anime that the people around me watch. And really, I enjoy watching anime.
But I also enjoy playing video games, reading, and best of all hanging with friends.

Short BIO: Male, Arizona, Server Administrator, OTAKU.

If interested you can see a MAL I’ve made here and feel free to friend me. ^_^

And now, because I’m bored and feel like it, a list of where you can find me in other parts of the internet:

Livejournal (dead, replaced by this wordpress)  GamertagSteamIDAMV.org (Yes, I have made three AMVs, don’t expect pro stuff, but they aren’t bad.)  The reason behind this?  Well basically I randomly searched my name in Google and ALLLLLLL kinds of shit popped up. So I figured might as well list stuff here, since it is all so easy to find anyways.

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