The Haruhi Post of 2014

August 28, 2014


Sometimes you just have to accept that a show you love won’t come back. But you can still get excited when it pops back into the limelight with a flurry of recent news and events.

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The US Anime Industry

May 31, 2011


It’s probably in large part thanks to the recent PHX Comicon that I now find myself buying more anime and I want to say Funimation may just be the greatest and yet worse thing to happen to our industry in years.

A lot has changed in the US since I started paying for anime. The most significant has been our move away from the Japanese standard 3-4 eps per DVD release, and now (outside of Bandai) pretty much every release is either the full season or maybe split into two releases.  We’ve got new companies throwing their hats into the game with sub only releases. There are international BluRay releases. Legal streams of most current anime through crunchyroll and Hulu, lets not forget the ever growing instant library on Netflix. And the greatest/worst of them has been Funimation, releasing many of their shows for free streaming and combo BlueRay/DVD releases for full seasons for only $60, though I can usually find them for 30-40 on Amazon or RightStuf (its almost like they hate money).


For the last year, Funimation has received almost all of my anime budget, and their selection of shows still leaves me wishing I had more money to give them.  But I now won’t even consider paying for each DVD release for Bandai’s K-on.  I bought each special edition of Haruhi, but now I won’t even consider paying for anything less than 12 episodes at a time. I know I’m not the only one who has been spoiled by this.  It can’t possibly be good for the industry and with reports of Funimation’s parent company attempting to sell it I wonder how long things will last.

We’ve just had one of the largest manga publishers, Tokyopop, shutdown suddenly and it has only been a few years since Geneon shut their doors as well. Bandai has been extremely skidish over the changing market, and blew my mind when they actually released KuroKami on BluRay as dub only. Bandai then seemed to quickly disappear from the US market up to bringing over K-on and I worry that they could be following Geneon if K-on proves to be too great a loss for them… though, they do still have the Haruhi movie coming sometime soon (Wendee Lee said she had just finished her work in dubbing it and that it premiers at this year’s Anime Expo. I’m hoping the BluRay is not too far behind!)


I love being able to buy my favorite shows, and Funimation has made me feel as if I’m actually getting a sweet deal and not being ripped off compared to the live action boxsets. I just hope this bubble doesn’t pop on us.

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I HAZ A PS3!!!!~!

September 23, 2009

The world is coming to an end, for I have a PS3. First gen, 60GB, full backwards compatible to boot.

Having barely scratched the surface of available xbox360 games, or even simply completing half of the ones that I own. I somehow found myself on Craigslist buying myself a PS3 so that I could finally get back to playing my PS2 games.

I’ll invite anyone who has a PS3 to friend, since I’m pretty much the only person I know who both has a PS3 and has it hooked up to the internet, but the only online game I own currently is Fat Princess. I’ll also own Wipeout HD relatively soon, but probably not until November when I feel I can finally spend more money of video games.


Of course the FIRST (and only retail) PS3 game that I had to buy was Valkyria Chronicles. I’ve been planning on getting a PS3 just for this game since AGES ago, it just so happened to finally be the right time I guess.
Though, I never watched the anime, I saw snips of the first ep that they were turning it into an abomination that no fan of the game would accept so I never watched it.

I have beaten Flower,  it was actually the first game that I bought. It’s been an amazing game, and all that I have left is to find all those trophies, which should be fun. I love showing people the grass in this game, it really is a great game to show off the processing power of the PS3.

Anyways, I’m pretty happy with it so far, though getting it to play happy with my router was a huge pain. It also required a redesign of my entertainment center, but it’s all been worth it.  And now I can finally go back to being a PS3 fanboy…….. ahhh shitz, they’ve ruined it.

And The Daughter of Twenty Faces is Finished.

September 8, 2009

It may have taken FOREVER for Live-eviL to finish it, but it is finally.  I’m still downlaoding it, and will FINALLY be able to finish this thing later today.

Aggressive Zone (Needless ED)

August 25, 2009

Case Cover Back Outer

Needless is all kinds of awesome and over the top, but the ED is what seals the deal.

I have a feeling that this is going to go down as the best thing to grace my monitor.

Booklet 01

The cd came out, snag it here, and have a great year.

Umineko is SO Awesome it Breaks Time and Space.

August 6, 2009


The year 1986, location: school festival, event: Live Concert…. FEATURING TOUHOU Cosplayers!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and if you can’t recognize her, Jessica is there in the middle dressed as Marisa.  For the first second that it was on, I just thought it would be a Live! Alive!! ripoff. Then I realized that she wasn’t just dressed up as any random witch.


The rest of the episode was only half as entertaining as this concert is. I also desperately want to know if the original VN had this scene in it or not.

Beatrice is shaping up to be a great  character, though I really wonder why furniture is the only things that can see her.

I could go on, but if I really started talking about this show I’d be up all night talking, so for now, I’ll leave it with just this one amazing scene.  (Amazing cause it actually got me to post, even Haruhi and it’s FINALLY ending the endless eight didn’t get me here.  Though BlazBlue and Project Diva got me pretty close, and I’ll probably come back and talk about them when I get further along.)

Concert1I imagine what he really means is, “what the hell are they dressed as?”

My thoughts on Anime Expo: Part2 (Announcments)

July 13, 2009


Now I’ve never been to E3 or the TGS, but I follow them and others like it every year. Waiting for those few game announcements that can actually put me on the edge of my seat in excitement. The rest of my time is spent looking at the new information, videos and screenshots of games that I already know about but still aren’t out. Sometimes, incases of Fallout3, the initial announcements pass me by without any desire to know more, and then half a year later I see a developer walkthrough and realize that the game is going to be EPIC.

This is something that I can’t do at Anime Expo, or any other anime convention.  I mean there are a lot of announcements every year about all the new shows, manga, and more that are licensed for release state side. But I’ve already watched any of the shows that I care about. Really the closest thing I can call exciting news that I found at this years Anime Expo was that there is a company called MangaGamer and they’ll be releasing the Shuffle! and Higurashi VNs.


MangaGamer is a company based in Europe(can’t remember where), and they provide translated Japanese visual novels for download. The digital games are still on the pricey side, but that’s reasonably understandable considering how small of audience it pulls with western gamers, and how expensive the games originally are in japan. But what really sets them apart from the deceased Hirameki International Group, Inc. is localization of games like Da Capo and Shuffle! AKA Eroge.

I just didn’t see them coming at all. But in my opinion MangaGamer owned this show, no other announcement was able to knock me off my feet like this one. They even had multiple industry guests from Circus and OVERDRIVE. A booth offering all sorts of 18+ goodies. And did I mention that they are bringing over both Shuffle! and Higurashi?

Other than that, I really can’t think of any exciting news. I mean sure there were plenty of new titles coming over, but nothing can top MangaGamer’s news.

For a more complete post on how awesome MangaGamer was at AnimeExpo09 check this blog post out.  Shuffle! already has a date set for August 15th with Higurashi PT1 planned for Sep.