OMG, Daughter of Twenty Faces: ep 21

January 17, 2009


Live-eviL, the only supporter for this show, FINALLY released episode 21. It only took them almost three months for this episode. Lets hope they can shorten that time for the final episode.

While this show didn’t turn out as epic and awesome as it first appeared it would (in fact the story is pretty ridiculous right now), it still holds a place on my list of awesome shows.

Check Out: The Daughter of Twenty Faces

August 25, 2008

This is that section that I mentioned in my previous post. The idea, to show off a show from the current season or maybe a show from the past that I’m currently watching that isn’t already being blogged by everyone else. (So you’ll never see me mention Code Geass, Macross F or anything else that everyone is already blogging about in this section.)

Always make a good first impression

"My job is taking treasure away from the pigs."

Starting out I thought it appropriate to mention my current favorite show from this season. “The Daughter of Twenty Faces” also known as Nijuu Mensou no Musume. Is produced by Bones, so great animation is a given. The Twenty Faces character is based off of Edogawa Ranpo’s literary anti-hero. And in this version shows up as being much in the same style as Lupin the third if you will. But as the title suggests the story is not about Twenty Faces himself, but of his daughter.

Chizuko (voiced by Hirano, Aya) is an intelligent young girl who is currently in the care of her aunt after her rich parents died. The aunt has been slowly poisoning her food to kill her off without suspicion and inherit the fortune herself.  After hearing about the daring adventures and life of Twenty Faces, Chizuko wishes she too could live such an amazing life. And as the plot would dictate he shows up to save her from her aunt whisking her away to learn the joys of stealing precious art and running away from police. And it’s more then enjoyable watching.

Careful dissection of the OP can lead us to believe that Chizuko and Twenty Faces will be separated once she learns her new father’s trade. The ED animation appears to be there for the Hirano, Aya fans. And the setting of an Alternate Shōwa period for the show fits perfectly for the adventures of a master thief.

As I mentioned near the top, this is currently my favorite show from this season. The writing, animation, and characters make this show incredibly enjoyable to watch. And I can’t help but love this show. I really don’t want to give too much away, and can’t recommend it to be watched enough.

"In order to survive, what's important is to watch, listen, and think carefully."