Maria+Holic OP *Fixed Again

January 12, 2009

In true Shaft style, the OP for Maria+Holic is insane and random. I HIGHLY suggest you check this OP out in HighQuality.

I love it when he uses Matsurika as a guitar XD. I haven’t even watched the second episode and I already love this show.

*Fixed: The video I was linking to before got pulled, but there is always another, so I just changed the link.

** Updated Well, that video has now also died thanks to Media Factory. So here’s a third version, the last one I can find on youtube. Sadly the person who put it up there FAILS and it’s in 4/3.

Maria+Holic 01

January 8, 2009


This show is as if Shaft decided Strawberry Panic was too boring. So they decided to give it some new twists and turns while injecting their unique style, and all I can say to that is HELL YEAH!

That is all.