School Days

August 12, 2008

I missed the original airing of the School Days anime thanks to being in AIT at the time. But I heard about the fact that the last ep was postponed (as was Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai) and then was eventually aired in an edited form. I had already seen the 3 bad ends from the game so I could understand. I even heard about the whole Nice Boat incident and all these things added to the reasons why I wanted to eventually watch the show.

Well, I watched the show, and I was actually disappointed ….. not by the ending, the end creeped me out to a new lvl, but the show itself was a huge let down.  Now my standards were probably too high, after watching shows like Shuffle! I moved onto KyoAni produced versions of Key games, games that are SOoooooo awesome that the voice rerealeses for PS2 never have the porn, and Clannad didn’t even have porn in it from the start. But even comparing School Days to Shuffle! or Da Capo only makes them sound as bad, and they really aren’t as bad as School Days was.

The first half of the show I was ok with the show, it reminded me of a lot of the other eroge to anime translations. And since I knew that was what I was getting myself into I didn’t mind. But it was around the time that he was having sex with his 4th girl that I realized, this is softcore porn…… without the actual porn. There were also PLENTY of other things going wrong with the plot….. and it FIT that if I think of it and the main character as being from some kind of porn then everything is as it would be.  This view of the show was solidified by the 5th girl having sex with him when she came over to tell him to take care of Girl #2. And this was OUT OF NO WHERE, #5 for EVERY SCENE before this was into the main characters one and only male friend.
This is when I started making jokes that at this rate he was going to end up having sex with all of his haremettes at the same time……… I was then given a 4sum with three new girls who took part giving the only reason for doing so “We should find out if he’s really that good.”  At this point every female with a voice in the show has had sex with our main character…… actually I should clarify that Girl #1 was never actually shown having sex with him, but she offered it enough and was also bat shit crazy for half the show over him in the Yandere way.
AND THEN TO TOP IT OFF! Girl #2 shows up to school and tells him (and the rest of the class/school) that she’s pregnant with his child.  REALLY?!?!?!?? They decided pregnancy was a good plot device for this type of show?

So in the end I was very not impressed with the show, so much so that I actually wrote all this out. But even with the bad taste still lingering I decided to give the two OVAs a try. And I’m glad I did. The Magical Heart ova was my favorite of the two, it was actually enjoyable watching the show suddenly transformed into a Mahou Shoujo anime. And there was even a scene with a small life boat and it had the words “nice boat” on it, and when they can make reference in a comical way about a meme about their first show I can get behind that.  The second OVA was about Valantines Day and was just silly and random and somehow I enjoyed it.

Now the sad thing, I wrote this out back on the fourth of the month and it took a week before I finally got around to posting it here. And i’m not even posting pictures or anything with it like I used to have for everything in this.  <_< I kinda miss that.
Anyways, next up on my list of catching up on the anime I missed, Zero no Tsukaima – Futasuki no Kishi.  A show that if it wasn’t for the fact that the third season has been getting a couple of good reviews so far I wouldn’t even care about.  But so far I have to admit it’s been above my expectations.