Kurokami 01: A Shana Clone?

January 16, 2009

This might just be me, but by the time I made it to the OP, I couldn’t help but think that this show was ripping off Shakugan no Shana. And this goes farther than just the main girl having red hair.


Evidence one: Intro starts with male lead, Ibuki, having a monologue while dying.

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Kurokami 01 …… IN ENGLISH!?!???? *Update 2

January 16, 2009

I’ve been a bit busy recently, mostly playing video games I guess. Anyways, I haven’t yet watched all the new shows that started this winter, only a select few. (For those wondering Maria+Holic’s 02 has solidified the show on my must watch list)
This morning I went out in search of some of the shows I still need to watch, and one of the ones I had a bit of hope for was Kurokami. Coming to us from Sunrise, and looking rather nice while doing it.

That’s when I found this (The torrent above and a DD megaupload link).  Current status is that I’m downloading this along with a sub version, and will report my findings as soon as I can. I really wish I could know if this is a fandub or what.

According to ANN, the show is already licensed, and there are english VA already chosen. But did they really already release a dub?!??  And I thought Funi’s subbing of Shikabane Hime was a new level of speed.


Looks like ANN, in fact has a news article that Bandai is airing the English version on iaTV 8 hours after the Japanese air time. I have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Kurokami yet, check out the trailer!

Update 2:

Watched the english dub, it’s ok, but I won’t be watching it over the subbed version. Still pretty cool that they have it already dubbed though.

Maria+Holic OP *Fixed Again

January 12, 2009

In true Shaft style, the OP for Maria+Holic is insane and random. I HIGHLY suggest you check this OP out in HighQuality.

I love it when he uses Matsurika as a guitar XD. I haven’t even watched the second episode and I already love this show.

*Fixed: The video I was linking to before got pulled, but there is always another, so I just changed the link.

** Updated Well, that video has now also died thanks to Media Factory. So here’s a third version, the last one I can find on youtube. Sadly the person who put it up there FAILS and it’s in 4/3.

Maria+Holic 01

January 8, 2009


This show is as if Shaft decided Strawberry Panic was too boring. So they decided to give it some new twists and turns while injecting their unique style, and all I can say to that is HELL YEAH!

That is all.

Akikan 01, if only it was hentai.

January 7, 2009


The idea that a random 16 year old male virgin, who lives on his own with nothing more to worry about than school, suddenly having some 16 year old girl drop into his life is nothing new. Some shows use this trope well, others don’t. This show falls in with the latter. In Akikan, Kakeru buys himself a melon soda on his way home. After taking a refreshing bath, yet to actually put any clothes on, he pops open his drink and as he puts the can to his lips he finds himself kissing a girl instead.

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That New Year Smell

January 1, 2009

The year has just began and we have so much to look forward to and so much to be disappointed about.


Just around the corner we have the Winter season starting. (Click the link for the Winter Season Chart)

WinD FINALLY released the last ep of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. But we STILL haven’t gotten the last two episodes of  The Daughter of Twenty Faces. We can only hope Live-eviL will eventually get around to releasing them…..

Funimation has been dominating the local anime scene with finally announcing that they got the Evangelion 1.0 movie. I wonder how ADV is taking this news. Though many feel trolled when last month they announced that they got the rights to 10 new shows and then most of them turned out to be more Geneon oldies.

CrunchyRoll has begun taking down all their user uploaded anime and is adding all sorts of legit anime that we can watch in “high def” if we pay a monthly fee.  Personally the only reason I even care about them is Shugo Chara, and I can only hope they will start releasing the Doki episodes ASAP. But I have to admit that it’s funny to watch the forums explode ever the change.

I went and tried to add the  Touhou Project: A Summer Day’s Dream anime to MyAnimeList.net.  We’ll see if my first try at this will get accepted, I thought it crazy that I couldn’t find the show on there to begin with.

The creators of Clonnad, TMA, will be bringing us  XXcross, which will of course be Macross Frontier live action porn. That’s certainly something to look forward to destroying my mind with.

And down the road we will finally have the Haruhi Suzumiya and Spice and Wolf novels from YenPress. The second Eva movie, Nanoha’s movie, the final Kara no Kyoukai movie, Valkyria Chronicles anime, a third season of Nodame, Hayate no Gotoku S2, Full Metal Alchemist 2, and SOOoooo  much more.  And with any luck, this will also be the year to FINALLY give us that second season of Haruhi Suzumiya. I just hope these things don’t get delayed on us, that sure would suck.

And while not exactly in the anime genre.

Fox wins the Watchmen lawsuit. Hopefully the movie will still make it to us in March, time will surely tell.

Microsoft laughed at all the 30GB zune owners as they all bricked on New Years Eve. Thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing, but after something like that they can call their chances of beating the Ipod now nonexistent.

Sony needs a new strategy for their consoles. The PSP isn’t getting the support it needs from game developers. And the PS3 experiences another year of poor sales. Even though the system finally has games worth playing, it’s turning out that most people aren’t even buying them.

We’ve got quite the year in front of us. Happy New Year everyone!

Druaga: the Sword of Uruk Trailer

December 11, 2008


You can see the new trailer streaming over here on the official site. It’s pretty much the exact same as the last trailer but with an additional couple seconds of them flashing some new stuff at us. But I’m pretty easy to please thanks to loving the first season.

…… now to go play Swinging 47 times.