.Hack//Link Coming to a PSP near YOU! *Update

January 14, 2009

Believe it or not, .hack isn’t over yet.


The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmation on the next video game episode long-running, but niche appealing .hack series from CyberConnect. .hack//LINK is making the jump from manga to the PSP in 2009.(Source: Kotaku)

This rates at the top of my Fanboy Scale here, a multiplayer .hack game based on one of the many .hack manga? Tell me where to send the money to make sure this game gets localized. We never got Fragment, we deserve this.


Found some magazine scans from the Famitsu article on this game. Loaded them to the blog, just click to see the full size.


Franken Fran, Disturbing to Say the Least.

January 6, 2009


Ever feel like your manga isn’t graphic enough when it comes to guts and blood? Do you enjoy the “Bad End” stories? Did you know that it was Dr Frankenstein and that the big green guy with the bolts is actually called Frankenstein’s Monster? (Always one of those little things that annoyed me.)   Anyways, have I got the manga for you.

(WARNING, pictures past the break may include things people could find disturbing!)

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Kannagi’s Mangaka Calls in Sick. ~UPDATE!

December 8, 2008

*Update* ANN reports that Eri Takenashi the mangaka for Kannagi has underwent surgery and is currently recovering with plans to get back to work.  You can read my original post below.

Eri Takenashi(Kannagi) has joined Katsura Hoshino(D.Gray-Man), and Yoshihiro Togashi(Hunter X Hunter) in their hiatus of undetermined length.img_75806015

But that isn’t the interesting thing, Kannagi has recently fallen under attack when the December chapter of the manga revealed that Nagi had an ex-boyfriend in the past. For many this brought into question her virginity, which I guess is incredibly important to them, there are some who have even taken this so far as to say that Nagi must be a slut and have renounced the manga saying that they now hate it and won’t be supporting it any further.

nagitheslut1But now we have all sorts of doujinshi on the way.

The timing of this hiatus right on the tail of a huge upset in the fanbase leaves me wondering if the mangaka has actually been receiving threats. It’s happened before, I remember all the stories for the Evangelion series, that you can actually see some of the death threats that were sent, in the End of Eva movie. And I personally hope that things aren’t that bad for her. The anime has been doing well, and I have been totally loving it.

And thanks to this hiatus a whole new slew of rumors and attacks seem to be popping up. I just want to say, it’s pretty obvious that she’s already been kicked to the ground, do we really need to keep going? There are so many rumors flying around now that the manga will be ending prematurely or even canceled thanks to this stuff already. I just think enough is enough, let her take the break without all this abuse (even from the US side of the internet), and see what happens.

Haruhi Suzumiya, A story for Teenage Girls

October 25, 2008

Or at least that’s what the US publisher is going to aim at as the target group for the novels. Source.

The novels, will launch in April 2009 with different editions targeted to anime/manga fans and to the broader YA audience. The paperback version, priced at $8.99, features a colorful step-back cover with no manga imagery. The novels will be shelved in the young adult sections of bookstores, according to Joseph Monti, Director of Paperbacks for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. They will be advertised in the Alloy and dELia*s catalogs, which target tween girls, and promoted on MySpace and Facebook as well as a dedicated website. In addition, the publisher will promote Haruhi launch parties on websites popular with teen girls, with an offer of free gifts for girls who host them.

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Welcome to the NHK Manga Review

September 23, 2008

“The existence of the evil organization of the “NHK”. I happened to find it. All the reasons why I dropped out of the university, being unemployed and “Hikikomori” are due to NHK’s conspiracy. I’ll keep fighting till the day I will beat the vice organization. But one day, an assassin from a religious group, showed up to kill me. She is a neat and beautiful girl. Misaki-chan, with a parasol. Who is she? What can save our future contaminated with eroticism, violence and drugs? Love, courage, or friendship? This is an ultimate non-stop Hikikomori Action Comic!”

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