So what happened…?

July 8, 2010


I’m still alive, and about once every other month I check this thing and am amazed that its reporting more traffic than it ever had while I was active.  There are two posts I would like to do soon, one is the Eva post for the 2nd movie, and the other is about AX2010.

The lack of activity though can be traced to:
1) having a full time job. 
2) having a Facebook account.  Usually my posts originated from wanting to tell /somebody/ what I thought was cool, and FB fills thaw void well enough with MAL forums completing the process.

Truthfully the reason behind this post is almost as much testing out the WordPress app for Android as it is anything else.

Anyways, I’m excited for this new season of Anime that is upon us, and I hope to post again soon…. or at least within the next month.

And The Daughter of Twenty Faces is Finished.

September 8, 2009

It may have taken FOREVER for Live-eviL to finish it, but it is finally.  I’m still downlaoding it, and will FINALLY be able to finish this thing later today.

My thoughts on Anime Expo: Part2 (Announcments)

July 13, 2009


Now I’ve never been to E3 or the TGS, but I follow them and others like it every year. Waiting for those few game announcements that can actually put me on the edge of my seat in excitement. The rest of my time is spent looking at the new information, videos and screenshots of games that I already know about but still aren’t out. Sometimes, incases of Fallout3, the initial announcements pass me by without any desire to know more, and then half a year later I see a developer walkthrough and realize that the game is going to be EPIC.

This is something that I can’t do at Anime Expo, or any other anime convention.  I mean there are a lot of announcements every year about all the new shows, manga, and more that are licensed for release state side. But I’ve already watched any of the shows that I care about. Really the closest thing I can call exciting news that I found at this years Anime Expo was that there is a company called MangaGamer and they’ll be releasing the Shuffle! and Higurashi VNs.


MangaGamer is a company based in Europe(can’t remember where), and they provide translated Japanese visual novels for download. The digital games are still on the pricey side, but that’s reasonably understandable considering how small of audience it pulls with western gamers, and how expensive the games originally are in japan. But what really sets them apart from the deceased Hirameki International Group, Inc. is localization of games like Da Capo and Shuffle! AKA Eroge.

I just didn’t see them coming at all. But in my opinion MangaGamer owned this show, no other announcement was able to knock me off my feet like this one. They even had multiple industry guests from Circus and OVERDRIVE. A booth offering all sorts of 18+ goodies. And did I mention that they are bringing over both Shuffle! and Higurashi?

Other than that, I really can’t think of any exciting news. I mean sure there were plenty of new titles coming over, but nothing can top MangaGamer’s news.

For a more complete post on how awesome MangaGamer was at AnimeExpo09 check this blog post out.  Shuffle! already has a date set for August 15th with Higurashi PT1 planned for Sep.

Confirmation of Hiatus

May 5, 2009


Last month I got a new job, it’s a full time position at a computer help desk. I now find that I only have enough time these days to spend a few hours on entertainment, let alone writing about it.  Which is really sad now that I have such a great income of money.  It’s like I finally have enough to buy what I want, but I don’t have the time to enjoy it like I used to.  The world is a cruel place it seems.

Noteworthy things:

Finally started watching GitS:SAC, it’s a lot better when they aren’t focusing on the Major but the investigations and Laughing Man instead.

Shigofumi is like Jigoku Shoujo except backwards in pretty much every way.

The Kindle2 is pretty awesome, too bad I have no idea what to read on it outside of manga and books that date back 50 years or more.

Mio is Moe

My friends want to dress up for the Star Trek movie, I’m probably going to dissapoint them.

I still haven’t beaten ToS2, and yet keep buying all sorts of new games like ToV, SF IV, and the entire gamecube collection of Resident Evil games. Which I now find that I have no time to play.

Douglas Adams was probably the greatest writer of words EVER(currently reading Salmon of Doubt on my Kindle2).

Pokemon Tournament happens locally on the 23rd, I’ll hopefully get around to actually opening my copy of Platinum and transferring my Diamond Pokemon over before then.

I’ve been hearing that Sekirei is as if Pokemon were big breasted girls from space. I still have no interest in watching it.

Oh, and this is probably going to be my last post for a couple months, possibly even until sometime late 2010……. nah, I’ll write something else much like this before then and I’ll probably throw up a picture of Haruhi S2. Please let there be a Season2 before 2010.

Plans for the Future

February 27, 2009

So the idea struck me, much like a 102 degree fever dream at 1 am, I should try going back to the basics. By which I mean, simply reviewing an anime show here and there. My schooling is currently on break, and I have a lull in my work schedule, so outside of watching the anime and playing my new copy of GTA4, I’m thinking I’ll have plenty of time to do it.

With any luck I’ll be able to revive this blog a bit and watch the hits per day trickle away. I have a couple of things in my draft list, I’ll work on getting something out. But just a warning, I have a challenge going with my good friend, AuthorX/AxeltheBard on who can reach a gamerscore of 10,000 first, current scores place him at 9,475, and myself trailing him at 9,140.  Even though he’s pulled ahead, I’ve been catching up and have closed the gap by quite a bit in the last month.  I’ve also got two “new” games to work with on top of going back to my old games to achievement hunt.  Last I checked, my opponent only has a copy of Mass Effect that is in the mail, I believe I have a chance.

My final words for tonight, don’t hold your breath. I’ve said a number of times that I’d be reviving this thing and it’s always been followed with a mild putter, a whimper and silence for almost a month. ^_^ I do have faith that this time will be a bit different however.


If not, you’ll know what to refer to this as.

Final Fantasy XIII NEW TRAILER (1/28)

January 28, 2009


So there’s been this countdown clock going for a while. People hoped it would lead us to a new trailer, others feared it would just be a global announcement for something we already knew from the Japanese press releases.

PRAISE the lords for it is a new trailer, and it’s a pretty good one at that, featuring plenty of cutscenes and actual in game footage of the battle system. I still have no idea how it’ll work out, but it sure looks awesome.


Pic and news were stolen from Kotaku.

Windows 7 Beta …. GET!

January 10, 2009


So, Microsoft said earlier that they would be releasing the latest Windows 7 Beta to the public back on Friday, for free, to the first 2.5Million users who downloaded it. Sadly due to the storm of people trying to get it, their site got thrashed and it took until late that night, early this morning for them to finally let us start downloading the thing. You can find the button to start your download here.  I recommend that you use IE for this btw, I could NOT get Firefox to start the download.

There is also more good news, thanks to the incredible amount of traffic they were getting before actually releasing they have now said that they’ll be leaving this download up till January 24th, and have removed the 2.5million download limit. So if you have a machine running vista right now and want to try out this W7 beta, now is the perfect time to do so. I know I’ll be having fun with this thing till August, when the beta expires.