Games from Around the World

January 26, 2011


I was listening to some podcasts recently and it was mentioned just how culturally wide Video Games are compared to any other medium.  After thinking more about it, it’s really quite amazing.  We have games coming from literally ALL over the world and we don’t even have to separate them into a different category, like “Foreign Movies”

Mario(Japan) sits there right next to Medal of Honor: Heroes 2(Canada), Assassin’s Creed(Canada owned by the French) sits right next to Alan Wake(Finland), and Heavy Rain (Paris, France) sits right next to Heavenly Sword (Cambridge, England). Let’s not forget Call of Duty created by a California team, the most recent release (BlackOps) had portions of the game developed by teams from all over the world.

My point is we have games developed by different people not just from all parts of the world, but actually still IN all parts of the world.  All those different cultures and experiences defining and shaping the gaming experiences they share with the rest of the world and BEST of all, we don’t segregate it.  Everything is listed in Alphabetical order, be it the turn based japanese RPG or an american rack up points for shooting someone in the face.

Another fascinating aspect of video games, I visited Washington DC in November of last year, and I was constantly seeing things that reminded me of my trips through Fallout3, I could pull up a map of Arlington and see where the landmarks lined up.   I’ve heard stories of people who have said the same after visiting New York, Paris and Tokyo.  That through games like Grand Theft Auto, The Saboteur and The World Ends With You, they then recognize land marks and know what directions they would go to find others.  Video Games have an amazing ability to teach, history, skills, culture, and so much more, and do it in a way that you may not even realize you are learning anything at all.  All you know is that you are having fun playing a game.

Gaming isn’t the same the world over, I know what does well in Japan doesn’t always do well here and vice versa(especially when Microsoft is involved).  The PS3 and PSP have a much stronger following in the UK than in the US, but they sometimes end up waiting an extra year for games from Nintendo. And really, that’s the only thing that I think we still need to improve, we need more localization teams to help spread gaming to every corner of the Earth. I can’t think of any other entertainment that is so widely distributed the world over and I love it.


December 1, 2008

To celebrate it being December, I have put up a new banner. And will be posting a new Anime Girl in Snow pic daily until Dec 24th. I’ll start off with Sad Girls in Snow, but as Christmas comes around they can’t stay sad forever.

Sadly I probably won’t be seeing any snow this year, stupid Arizona.

So to start things off I give you The Sad Girl in Snow. (No, Megatokyo’s SGiS doesn’t count)


Writer’s Block

November 30, 2008


Well, I’ve been getting pounded by college english. I never realized just HOW MUCH I hate essays, coupled with a teacher that will show us what she considers “good writing” BUT! we can’t write like that cause it’s the wrong way for this class.  It would be an understatement that I’m frustrated.  “You have to think about your audience and talk to them.” “No you can’t talk to your audience because they’ll feel like you attacking them and calling them stupid(In a process essay).” “This essay by Stephen King is my favorite ever, especially how he inserts himself in it.” “NO you must never insert yourself in an essay.”

Anyways, I’m going to get back to trying to write something for this blog. Even if it’s a random thing on how many times you can find the old NERV logo in You are (Not) Alone. …….Where did I put that movie?

Since It’s Not Technically an Anime Blog

October 29, 2008

What I mean is about two weeks ago I got news back from Anime Nano that I had too many posts about Video Games to be considered an Anime Blog(14 of 72 posts had the Video Games tag).  And then even though I told myself this wouldn’t effect me, I went and stopped posting for about a week. I was actually quite baffled by the news though, sites that were already a part of Anime Nano would occasionally have the video game centered post, even about western games like Spore, not to mention the many posts on games like the Tales series and such. But as a new site applying to be added to the list, I guess the same privileges aren’t granted.

I eventually returned, as you can see. Currently I’m trying to rethink what I want to do. I enjoy my posting on anime, but I also like the occasional video game. And when my entire life gets sucked into a game like Fallout 3 it’s hard to write about much else.

Anyways, I just felt like taking that off my chest. I haven’t really looked into what my next plan of action for this thing is. I won’t be stopping my posts on jRPGs…. but then I have no idea when I’ll be finishing another one.

PS. On average my Video Games posts receive more hits than my Anime posts.

Spice and Wolf Season 2 Announced

October 6, 2008

OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!  Second Season announced and confirmed! There are a LOT more changes announced in staff and studio working on it than I expected would happen. All I can say that with this news and with last week’s novel pick up by Yen Press I am a VERY happy fanboy right now. Now to wait two years and hope the show doesn’t disappear into the abyss like Kiddy Grade 2.

A New Writer is in Town.

October 5, 2008

This blog finally introduces a second blogger, Daisetsu/BeigeBox/Bakachan (He hasn’t officially chosen a name yet.). Why he hasn’t posted yet, well…..

The original idea was, I would be out of town for this last weekend. And in my stead he thought it would be fun to try out blogging for himself. Well, things didn’t go according to plan and even though he attempted to write for this blog things didn’t get set up correctly and I was unreachable with no access to Internet. Thus he was unable to actually post anything he wrote. Now that I’m back he’s going to figure things out and try to get what he wrote posted either tonight or tomorrow. If he writes more or not is up to him.

As for myself, I have a weekend of anime to catch up on including finally being able to finish Zero no Tsukaima 3, as well as FINALLY starting Clannad After Story.

1K Views and Counting

October 1, 2008

So it turns out, if you want your blog to have a jump in hit count, blog about Code Geass just as it’s ending. Though my OST2 post(people wanted Continued Story) and Fans Want Lelouch Alive post got a LOT more views than the one about the actual last episode. The same thing happened when I blogged about the Force Unleashed, everyone went and looked at my post titled 7lvls later, but ignored the actual review post.

Outside of my attempts to get this blog on AnimeNano(reviewqueue), and a random favor for a friend(which I advertised his post not the site). I haven’t done any advertising(aka commenting and going HEY VISIT MY SITE, or anything). Everyone who finds my site mostly find it through WordPress, a MUCH smaller # find it by clicking my name when I’ve commented somewhere, and every now and then a pingback from a site I linked to during a post will send hits my way.

Personally my favorite post, would have to be my Tales of Symphonia one. It was the first post I made that really brought in any traffic, it had a commenter, and for about half a month nothing else could even compare to it.

With the new season upon us, I’m pretty excited. And once it gets in full swing, I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about. But for now I don’t have much to say, unless I start doing a play by play on D.Gray-Man. Or maybe write about how School Days has RUINED Tokimeki Memorial for me…. In fact even love triangles like Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl leave me going, “DON”T DO IT ALTO, they’ll go crazy on you and try to kill each other and you using the Vajra.”  I also have plans for when I eventually finish the third season of Zero, but that will wait till SS-Eclipse finish their sub of the last ep.