Games from Around the World

January 26, 2011


I was listening to some podcasts recently and it was mentioned just how culturally wide Video Games are compared to any other medium.  After thinking more about it, it’s really quite amazing.  We have games coming from literally ALL over the world and we don’t even have to separate them into a different category, like “Foreign Movies”

Mario(Japan) sits there right next to Medal of Honor: Heroes 2(Canada), Assassin’s Creed(Canada owned by the French) sits right next to Alan Wake(Finland), and Heavy Rain (Paris, France) sits right next to Heavenly Sword (Cambridge, England). Let’s not forget Call of Duty created by a California team, the most recent release (BlackOps) had portions of the game developed by teams from all over the world.

My point is we have games developed by different people not just from all parts of the world, but actually still IN all parts of the world.  All those different cultures and experiences defining and shaping the gaming experiences they share with the rest of the world and BEST of all, we don’t segregate it.  Everything is listed in Alphabetical order, be it the turn based japanese RPG or an american rack up points for shooting someone in the face.

Another fascinating aspect of video games, I visited Washington DC in November of last year, and I was constantly seeing things that reminded me of my trips through Fallout3, I could pull up a map of Arlington and see where the landmarks lined up.   I’ve heard stories of people who have said the same after visiting New York, Paris and Tokyo.  That through games like Grand Theft Auto, The Saboteur and The World Ends With You, they then recognize land marks and know what directions they would go to find others.  Video Games have an amazing ability to teach, history, skills, culture, and so much more, and do it in a way that you may not even realize you are learning anything at all.  All you know is that you are having fun playing a game.

Gaming isn’t the same the world over, I know what does well in Japan doesn’t always do well here and vice versa(especially when Microsoft is involved).  The PS3 and PSP have a much stronger following in the UK than in the US, but they sometimes end up waiting an extra year for games from Nintendo. And really, that’s the only thing that I think we still need to improve, we need more localization teams to help spread gaming to every corner of the Earth. I can’t think of any other entertainment that is so widely distributed the world over and I love it.

Umineko is SO Awesome it Breaks Time and Space.

August 6, 2009


The year 1986, location: school festival, event: Live Concert…. FEATURING TOUHOU Cosplayers!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and if you can’t recognize her, Jessica is there in the middle dressed as Marisa.  For the first second that it was on, I just thought it would be a Live! Alive!! ripoff. Then I realized that she wasn’t just dressed up as any random witch.


The rest of the episode was only half as entertaining as this concert is. I also desperately want to know if the original VN had this scene in it or not.

Beatrice is shaping up to be a great  character, though I really wonder why furniture is the only things that can see her.

I could go on, but if I really started talking about this show I’d be up all night talking, so for now, I’ll leave it with just this one amazing scene.  (Amazing cause it actually got me to post, even Haruhi and it’s FINALLY ending the endless eight didn’t get me here.  Though BlazBlue and Project Diva got me pretty close, and I’ll probably come back and talk about them when I get further along.)

Concert1I imagine what he really means is, “what the hell are they dressed as?”

Confirmation of Hiatus

May 5, 2009


Last month I got a new job, it’s a full time position at a computer help desk. I now find that I only have enough time these days to spend a few hours on entertainment, let alone writing about it.  Which is really sad now that I have such a great income of money.  It’s like I finally have enough to buy what I want, but I don’t have the time to enjoy it like I used to.  The world is a cruel place it seems.

Noteworthy things:

Finally started watching GitS:SAC, it’s a lot better when they aren’t focusing on the Major but the investigations and Laughing Man instead.

Shigofumi is like Jigoku Shoujo except backwards in pretty much every way.

The Kindle2 is pretty awesome, too bad I have no idea what to read on it outside of manga and books that date back 50 years or more.

Mio is Moe

My friends want to dress up for the Star Trek movie, I’m probably going to dissapoint them.

I still haven’t beaten ToS2, and yet keep buying all sorts of new games like ToV, SF IV, and the entire gamecube collection of Resident Evil games. Which I now find that I have no time to play.

Douglas Adams was probably the greatest writer of words EVER(currently reading Salmon of Doubt on my Kindle2).

Pokemon Tournament happens locally on the 23rd, I’ll hopefully get around to actually opening my copy of Platinum and transferring my Diamond Pokemon over before then.

I’ve been hearing that Sekirei is as if Pokemon were big breasted girls from space. I still have no interest in watching it.

Oh, and this is probably going to be my last post for a couple months, possibly even until sometime late 2010……. nah, I’ll write something else much like this before then and I’ll probably throw up a picture of Haruhi S2. Please let there be a Season2 before 2010.

Plans for the Future

February 27, 2009

So the idea struck me, much like a 102 degree fever dream at 1 am, I should try going back to the basics. By which I mean, simply reviewing an anime show here and there. My schooling is currently on break, and I have a lull in my work schedule, so outside of watching the anime and playing my new copy of GTA4, I’m thinking I’ll have plenty of time to do it.

With any luck I’ll be able to revive this blog a bit and watch the hits per day trickle away. I have a couple of things in my draft list, I’ll work on getting something out. But just a warning, I have a challenge going with my good friend, AuthorX/AxeltheBard on who can reach a gamerscore of 10,000 first, current scores place him at 9,475, and myself trailing him at 9,140.  Even though he’s pulled ahead, I’ve been catching up and have closed the gap by quite a bit in the last month.  I’ve also got two “new” games to work with on top of going back to my old games to achievement hunt.  Last I checked, my opponent only has a copy of Mass Effect that is in the mail, I believe I have a chance.

My final words for tonight, don’t hold your breath. I’ve said a number of times that I’d be reviving this thing and it’s always been followed with a mild putter, a whimper and silence for almost a month. ^_^ I do have faith that this time will be a bit different however.


If not, you’ll know what to refer to this as.

PV’s That Need More Love

February 12, 2009

My poor blog has seen better days, but I’m just having a hard time finding the time to write for it like I was and it’s only going to get worse (especially starting next week).

Anyways, I went around and picked some of my favorite PV’s off youtube and made it into a post. I only grabbed one vid per Artist and Anime. I also had to make sacrifices when all I could find on youtube was crap quality.

Gundam 00
Song – Ash Like Snow
Artist – The Brilliant Green

Favorite PV EVER, might have something to do with the Haro.

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The Blogging Equation

January 26, 2009


Every now and then I switch from watching insane amounts of anime to spending my time playing video games. This has been one of those times. I recently rediscovered my PSP, then proceeded to play and beat the God of War game for it and am now working on the Star Ocean remake. This is on top of the 360 which I’ve been spending plenty of time playing Fallout3(WOOOOOOooo DLC comes out tomorrow), Mirror’s Edge(DLC this Thursday), and a little Gears of War 2(YAY PATCH)/ Halo3 multiplayer. Mixed in with work and school I find that I am only leaving a small amount of time for anime and even less for writing on a blog that has a good # of hits per day but no comments (it’s really weird).

There has been one piece of news that truly made me go WTF, Detective Conan vs Lupin the Third. I’ve watched my fair share of Conan, and not anywhere near as much Lupin, but the idea of the two facing off is GOLDEN.

I’ve been enjoying watching as Crunchy Roll, or at least Shinji, is attacked across the Internet.

My favorite anime blog is still on hiatus, come back to us Jason!

The live action Avatar movie is now DEAD to me. I think the animated show is easily the best thing to come out of Nickalodeon since Invader Zim. But everything I hear about the movie is making it plain and clear that it’s going to be nothing like it should be. It might still be better than Dragonball Evolution though.

Some have said that the winter season has been a huge disappointment. I’ve really only been disappointed by one show so far, Akikan and that was with low expectations to start with (though I haven’t heard anything good about White Album and have yet to actually watch it to find out for myself). Otherwise I think it’s a pretty decent season, especially for winter and I plan to have a real post on it put up later this week if Fallout3 can let me get away long enough.

I’ve also been watching Doctor Who for the first time when I discovered that Netflix had the episodes on Instant about 3 weeks ago. Currently in the 2nd season and for the most part it’s a fun show, though I still have no idea why half my friends swear that it’s the best show ever created by man.  This definitely isn’t helping with my time to watch anime though.

Anyways, I’m going to go back to trying to have at least two posts on this site per week, should be possible. Eventually I’ll swing back to watching crazy amounts of anime and will want to say something about what I watch. That’s when this blog should get back to the daily posts that I had going for a surprisingly long while. Until then I’ll just be watching currently airing shows and may randomly have to say something about them (Like my fear that Clannad AS is looking ever more likely to have a KEY end).

Kurokami 01 …… IN ENGLISH!?!???? *Update 2

January 16, 2009

I’ve been a bit busy recently, mostly playing video games I guess. Anyways, I haven’t yet watched all the new shows that started this winter, only a select few. (For those wondering Maria+Holic’s 02 has solidified the show on my must watch list)
This morning I went out in search of some of the shows I still need to watch, and one of the ones I had a bit of hope for was Kurokami. Coming to us from Sunrise, and looking rather nice while doing it.

That’s when I found this (The torrent above and a DD megaupload link).  Current status is that I’m downloading this along with a sub version, and will report my findings as soon as I can. I really wish I could know if this is a fandub or what.

According to ANN, the show is already licensed, and there are english VA already chosen. But did they really already release a dub?!??  And I thought Funi’s subbing of Shikabane Hime was a new level of speed.


Looks like ANN, in fact has a news article that Bandai is airing the English version on iaTV 8 hours after the Japanese air time. I have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Kurokami yet, check out the trailer!

Update 2:

Watched the english dub, it’s ok, but I won’t be watching it over the subbed version. Still pretty cool that they have it already dubbed though.